Medallion – Mission Flat panel – Sea Salt

Cabinetry and Countertops

We recently completed this kitchen at the end of 2017 and it turned out absolutely amazing!  The cabinetry we used is Medallion Cabinetry Mission flat panel doors, Maple wood in a Sea Salt painted finish.  The 9 foot tall ceilings allow for 48″ tall wall cabinets with 2 piece crown to the ceiling. light rail was also added to the bottom of the wall cabinets to give it a more complete look. The countertops are called “Allure” and they are a Quartzite that was cut and installed by Tile Market of Delaware.


Design features

Valori Hunt designed the kitchen and all the special features to make this kitchen one of a kind and spectacular. She had a wonderful time collaborating with Chris Doordan the interior designer to make this a truly one of a kind kitchen. Valori is excellent at turning a vision into a functional and beautiful kitchen and she really achieved an amazing final product on this project. Some neat features include specialty drawers and roll outs, tray dividers above the double oven, decorative columns on the islands, and stacked wall cabinets, just to name a few.

Double Island

We actually removed a pantry in order to make the kitchen large. By doing this we were able to add a second Island and put the pantry storage in our tall pantry cabinets with roll outs. This design aspect made the entire kitchen more functional and elegant. The Islands have extra trim and decorative columns to give the islands extra dimension.

Special Cabinets

At Allura we offer a variety of cabinets that have special features that have many different functions. For example we have 4 corner cabinets that all serve different design purposes. One of them is featured in the 2nd island of this job and is the corner cabinet with drawers. Another neat feature that we designed into this kitchen was the hidden rollout drawer. These are drawers with rollouts stacked on top of the drawer and hidden behind the drawer head. This not only allows for much more storage but better organization as well. Above the double oven we have our tray dividers which turn a ounce unreachable and highly disorganized cabinet into a functional and organized cabinet where everything has a place.


Wood Hood & Stacked glass cabinets Bar area

The large stand alone wood hood is a magnificent center piece for the kitchen. It is above a 6 burner gas stove and vents directly to the outside. Surrounded by the carrerra marble backsplash this hood is definitely a prominent part of the kitchen. Medallion Hass stacked cabinets as you can see in the picture of the bar area. Most cabinet lines have two separate cabinets you put together while medallion builds the cabinet as one piece which looks much nicer. And the glass up top allows for a great place to show off your fine china or glasses.